Graph Workbench

A java desktop application for 2D graphs, particularly those that are non linear. Most of the example graphs are fractal in nature, but there is a plugin framework for providing your own algorithms.

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I first started working on these algorithms using AMOS, a version of BASIC for the Amiga. The program was purely a Mandelbrot and Julia Set renderer, but like most people who try these things I was hooked on the simnplicity of the code required. A few years later I rewrote the algorithms in C++ using MFC. This recent version was an attempt to become familiar with the Swing Application Framework, since I haven't had much involvement in client-side java. If time permits I may have a stab at creating a C# version.

I should mention that although the Graph Workbench application is entirely my own work, the underlying algorithms used to implement the fractal plugins are not. Most of them have been derived from algorithms in calculus textbooks that I never spent enough time reading at school, with the exception of the Thorn Fractal which I have only ever come across on that site.

Getting Started

  1. Launch the application via Java Web Start. This requires Java 5 (JRE 1.5) to be installed.
  2. Learn how to write your own plugins.
  3. Download a template project for NetBeans 6.8 to start writing your own algorithms. If you are using a different IDE then just grab the Service Provider Interface library.